Suggested readings regarding the African Diaspora

excerpt from BLACK YOUTH RISING by Shawn A. Ginwright (page 10-11)

available at the Richard Oakes Multicultural Center Library; T-143

“When we share these stories, we form the type of community bell hooks (1995) refers to as ‘beloved community– where loving ties of care and knowing bind us together in our differences,’ and our collective consciousness builds space where the possibility of remembering, healing, and growing occurs… We weave together a tapestry of urban ethnic richness and nuanced communal possibilities that make us laugh, cry, remember and ultimately hope– all of which are the fabric of a beloved community. It is within these spaces where black youth can envision new possibilities for their lives and their communities.”

Read more by going to T-143 and be sure to stay tuned for other suggested reading we will post in the near future.

Activism & Radical Healing in Urban America

by Shawn A. Ginwright


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